Picture20 Helpfulness as Greatness                                          

“It is better to give than to receive”. A simple but meaningful quotation that everyone of us should prevail.

              God made us as a human being to seek and care for all His wonderful creations. He made us very special to be able for us to manage and think the best out of it.

               As of now, the world is suffering for many problems. Many are having their starvation, sickness, homelessness, increasing rate of crimes. We also suffer from the destructing synthetic things of human. The trashes or wastes that we disposed far from our home are now return back whether in front of our doors, stacked of canals or buried under the roots of our plants in the garden and we ask ourselves why our plants don’t grow well and soon it dies. One thing more, is how the beautiful, bright sun rise in the morning. How beautiful it is to wash clothes and let the sun hit it or children play kites as high as they could. But suddenly, how sad it is when the clouds  get dark and bring their heavy drops. Oh my! climate change is really here. These are some of the world’s greatest problems but it’s not yet too late. We have our ways to help cope with it. We have to help one another, not to get something in return but help to the fullest of our heart.

                If we have a good idea, pursue it, especially if we think that the idea could possibly address one of pressing issues face by the world. Don’t let fear of failure stop us from doing something. A lot of wonderful things come out  from doing something. A lot of wonderful things come out of failures. Every small effort counts. You don’t need to come up with something grand to make a difference. All it requires is that you commit to it and that you always give your hundred percent.

Lorna Mae I. Gali-Secretary, Interact Club of Agoo-PEQNHS  

The President Speaks. . .

Picture22Making A Difference

Many individuals say that the world is complicated. The mere fact that everywhere is  just a risky place. That every corner is an aggravation arena that symbolizes a leaf that comes into its point of latter egotism-the time that finagled  by imprudence and inclemency. The time when the world is in its chaotic stage-evil, incomprehensible, fragile and ironic.

                  Every catastrophe is a great challenge. These is the fortification  of our innate selves, on how we can justify our contributions in progress rather than a flippant that adds burden in the shoulders of the earth. A wise man once said that a smooth  and calm river can not create a skilled worker. Yes in times of crisis, in an era of melancholic  sighs, in a war  full of battle cries, and in a bleeding wound that immensely destroyed countless number of liver, is a great test of fortitude. It is a formidable challenge that immortalizes the resplendence that shine from every heart, from every truth  beyond a beautiful smile, and from every intention that plans a thing. I fathom that desolate it is when we keep closing our eyes to retain ourselves in abhorrence and pretend to be ignorant despite of the vast destruction that is happening. The luring lie is spreading. Wake up!

Many of us sleep so soundly at night, cheering for a brand new morning..Living in a life without making a difference , without making change, and worse of all, we pretend to be ignorant and blame others, but when will we realize that believing in someonelse should be responsible is a word of a selfish person-no heart, no conscience. A word of indifference– no love. I appeal to you dear friends, get involved! Start making a difference! Start making change!

It is now or never. Let us be responsible citizens. Spearhead the group that will invade indifference and spread love. Open your heart  to the victims of poverty and abuses. Promote environmental awareness. Prove to anybody that poverty is not a hindrance to help, but a helpful challenge. Let us put in our mind that money is not just what we need but your willingness to help others.

  Jericho Escamilla Padilla- President, Interact Club of Agoo-PEQNHS

Adviser’s Message

Picture23The Moral Essence of Service

The moral essence of service is regarded in different perspectives. Many people believe that one cannot give what he    doesn’t have. This cliché may be truthful and acceptable to people who find excuses not to care for others. For the people who only look up to themselves as the center of their universe. On the other hand, it will be rebuff to anybody who accepts that he can make a difference in his own perseverance. He is a part of countless  people who find satisfaction and self-actualization in helping others. He honestly believes that man in nature has everything.

Remember that a vast space is not an empty space. It is tantamount to a conglomeration of magnificent things beyond what our mind can discern .We are not alone and meaningless. We have full of meanings for  we are interconnected. We share the same space and time as we travel in our own endeavor.

God endowed people equal amount of time and opportunity. Happily doing something or tired of doing nothing is a choice. Therefore, the way we spend our precious life depends on us. We are the one defining the essence of our existence. We are not required to live in abundance to be able to serve. The only way to start everything is a good heart, a pure intention of serving people. Anybody posses something from the deepest lobe of the heart, something to offer and to share to our fellowmen.                                                                                              

  The raison d’être revolves around the good intention of sharing ourselves, our  values and our time to the people in  the community without expecting anything in return. We don’t give only  because we have excess. We will serve because we want to care. We can help even with a meager fund. We can help even with bare hands. It will all start with a strong determination and a goal of inspiring other people to create optimistic reflection of themselves. Make ourselves a catalyst of good help through interconnecting to people.  Interact Club and Rotary is your channel to put your soul full of essence into a realization .Promote peace through service across the globe!

The vision to help other people is a chance that can be a part of our choice.Keep the flame burning in our  hearts to do good things and look at a better torch at the end. Mckay once  said “”the  privilege to serve is a gift, the power to serve is a blessing and the love to serve is success!   Congratulations Interact Club of Agoo-PEQNHS…. Survive  to serve above self!

Rotarian Erwin Carbonell Llavore  Adviser, Interact Club of Agoo-PEQNHS




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