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ELPIDIAN’S SWAT(Segregation of Waste and Trashes):

An Approach to Environmental Crises

1Pollution is as old as human civilization.2Wastes in making primitive tools have been piled through sites of Upper Paleolithic settlements dated 40,000-10,000 years ago.3Ancient Roman Empire made pollution apparent in their magnificent cities and for thousand years.4Mayan civilization even prophesized that the earth is like a bottle of milk that has an expiration date. As humans moved from nomadic to settled societies, pollution increased in magnitude, becoming a real worst problem for the environment and its human and nonhuman inhabitants everywhere.

Science and Technology embraces its mission to mold student’s awareness of the present local and global condition of our environment to develop concern to perform means in preserving the earth’s natural state and attaining the so-called sustainable development. Therefore, Science and Technology Department utilizes all its best resources to fulfill the learner’s basic knowledge through creating the necessary experiences that will internalize students concern for the preservation of the environment.

The President Elpidio Quirino National High School, through the initiative of its Science and Technology Department presents Elpidian’s SWAT: Approach to Environmental Problems. SWAT means “Segregation of Wastes and Trashes”. It establishes everyone to be security guardians of the school community from improper and careless waste disposal. This is to address the need of the school to minimize garbage produced along with the attainment of curriculum programs. Its aim is to generate income while preserving every man and nature’s waste resources through converting waste products into beneficial materials. Basically, it will start with the school and eventually will spread to the whole community.

Moreover, the project supports DepEd programs for the Functional LiteteCacy that emphasizes on lifelong practices and skills for their survival in the real world. It reiterates that there is money produced through managing wastes properly. Aside from this, the project site works in accordance to theGeneral Standard Learning Competency that emphasizes the need for the students to understand fundamental concepts and processes of Science 

STUDY HABITS OF GRADE 7 STUDENTS                      

-Erwin C. Llavore,Rtn-

A survey was conducted at the beginning of the school year  2012-2013 to determine the learning styles of Grade 7 students. 40% of the total population of the Grade 7 students were randomly selected  as population  sample in the research   entitled Study Habits of Grade 7 Students:  A Basis of Strategy to Improve Academic Performance  of Students.

Picture381.Learning Environment

 1.Total Silence

 2.With Music

 3.Waching TV shows

Almost 80%  of the  Grade 7 students  or majority of learners review  in total silence.  Almost 15%  review while enjoying listening to music and the remaining  9%  review while watching their favorite television shows.  

2.Time to Review

     85%   Night 7:00-9:00 PMPicture37

     5%     Late Night 10:00-12:00 PM

     6%   Early Morning 4:00-6:00 AM

     3%  Upon Waking Up 6:00-7:00 AM

 Majority of students prefer studying their lessons during night time. Least number of students review upon waking up in  the morning.

   3.Self Learning   Preparedness

1. Half of the population claim that they review a day before examination

2. Almost 40% of students  review a week before examinationPicture36

3. Only few review regularly

   4.One decile of the students never read lessons by themselves.

4.Mood Before Examination More than two quartiles of the population are relaxed a day before examination. While almost 40% of them are stressed and anxious.                                                                     And the rest 6% just ignore  what they feel and never                                    

 affected from it.    

There is no such thing as good or bad study habits.  It is a personal style of learning  tantamount to individual differences. In fact, the learner is in control of his learning process with the guidance  of  the teacher who provides relevant and conducive learning environment.

           We do not stand to change the learning styles of the students. Because we all know that every students learn in different ways. Picture39However, we should teach them develop positive attitudes towards learning that  is acquired when students    are exposed to a favorable conditions that sustains his interest.

 The most important things that students should develop are good time management skills, stress management ,endurance  and   self directed learning and initiative. 

Remember human power to think has dimensions beyond our expectations. Students have potentials waiting to be unveiled in a perfect time.

It will be a great challenge in our part to divert varied responses to something that would make our students become functionally literate that will put learning into serving the community that will last for a lifetime.                           //:erwin








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