A Vision Of Beauty

300px-Bachalpseeflowers  A sad paradox in our country is that while our flora is rank and lush, we have practically no parks where trees grow luxuriantly and our streets and roads are bleak when they should be lined with shade of flowering trees. For many times and years  I have conjured up in my mind a beautiful Philippines, with of firetrees, kakawates, banabas, golden showers and other flowering trees, and also of mangoes, bamboos, sampaloks, santols, narras, acacias, and other shade trees on both side of our streets and road.

      All this vision of beauty can come to fascinating reality all over our country if we, Filipinos will but take up this matter more seriously and assiduously.”Let us not emphasize tree-planting but instead caring for trees”. Our people, especially the school children, have planted countless trees on so many past arbor days, but the trees have died, for they were abandoned after the first few weeks.

A tree is not just an intimate and meaningless thing. To the man with a fine sensibility, a tree has its own personality, as it were, which grows into his life as years goes by. On my neighbor’s lot grows a santol tree near the boundary, so near that some of its branches hang over our lot and almost reach the window of my room. Nearly morning, and dawn through the foliage of this tree. On a clear morning, the dazzling brilliance of sunrise is subdued by the branches and leaves, and mellow charm of new days cast upon my soul an indescribable inward peace.

So, let us all see this dream and make it come true, the dream of a beautiful Philippines, bedecked with flowering and shade trees lining all over our public streets and roads, and a country graced with public parks and private gardens which are verdant with trees and resplendent with flowers of all hues. Surely they life of our people would be richer and fuller if lived in such wondrous setting.

                                                                                                     -Jastine A. Nardo-    

 Helpfulness As Greatness

 helping-hands“It is better to give than to receive”. A simple but meaningful quotation that everyone of us should prevail.

God made us as a human being to seek and care for all his wonderful creations. He made us very special to be able for us to manage and think the best out of it.

As of now, the world is suffering for many problems. Many are having their starvingness, sickness, homelessness, increasing rate of crimes. We also suffer from the destructing synthetic things of humans. The trashes, wastes that we dispose far from our home are now returning back whether in front of our doors, stucked-out of canals or buried under the roots of our plants in the garden and we ask ourselves why our plants don’t grow well and soon it dies. One thing more, is when how the beautiful bright sun had risen in the morning. How beautiful it is to wash clothes and let the sun hit it or children play kites as high as they could. But suddenly, how sadly it is for the clouds to get dark and brings its heavy drops. Oh my, climate change is really here. These are some of the world’s greatest problems but it’s not yet too late. We have our ways to help cope with it. We have to help one another. Help not to get the change for it but help to the fullest of our heart.

                If we have a good idea, pursue it, especially if we think the idea could possibly address one of the many pressing issues faced by the world. Don’t let fear of failure stop us from doing something. A lot of wonderful things comes out of from doing something. A lot of wonderful things comes out of failures. Evry small effort counts. You don’t need to come up with something grand to make a difference. All it requires is that you commit to it and that you always give your hundred percent. 

-Lorna Mae I. Gali-

leadershipLeaders do Need Crisitisms

      The dazzling speck of the sun on the mirror gives me a reluctant views of myself in the object that perform mimicry. How that thing mimic myself, my undeserving soul in my human body and how I keep it well. I criticize myself for I do believe that criticisms are good when accepted in a positive way.

Many do say good things about me but in which it complacently satisfy me yet more compatriot let me compensate in a great edifice that let my eerie feelings burst. It become an encumbrance that was empowered by the evilness of the hearts that no definite eminence in the world but a catastrophe will be the enchant to prove its foolishness.

I myself can be called a “leader”.  Yes, I deserve criticisms  but I think I should choose the one whom will  I accept,because perfidious that has no perfunctory perforate is the then in the face of the globe . The lovelorn in evilness will surely find a crises of mine in longevity that will be the loquacious of the forgery that coincide with coherence.

All the things under the sun receive criticisms, but are they justifiable? Are all the criticisms have a good soul? I believe not that all criticisms are for good, some criticisms take the wrong and inconsequent path. It moves us in idiocracy and ignominy

“Leaders do need criticisms.” Criticisms that will be the enchanting guide in the luring ride of life not a posy of immature and igasble mind that is illicit in truth and all that he like is mimiony but not idiosyncrasy

 ~Jericho E. Padilla~


            depositphotos_4097837-3D-Leadership-CrosswordLEADERSHIP IS OF GREAT VALUE IN HUMAN SOCIETY  In any organized group of people, there is always a leader and his followers. The need to lead and to be led is a pervasive characteristic of human persons.

One of the fundamental factors upon which any improvement In our school system will defend on, is a strong and dynamic leadership. The best qualified personnel should be promoted to positions of leadership and those that show greater promise of development should be given encouragement and opportunity to develop their potentialities and to assume higher and more responsible positions.

Leadership may be defined as a process through which persons or groups intentionally influence others in the development and attainment of group or organizational goal. Leadership includes verbal and non-verbal behavior, which are components of communication in decision-making process of individual group or organization purposely affects the thoughts, feelings or behavior of others in the formulation or achievement of common or compatible goals.

Leadership is viewed as the performance of those acts which help the group achieve its preferred outcomes. Such acts may be termed group functions. More specifically, leadership consists of such actions by group members as those which and in setting group goals, moving the group towards its goals, moving the quality of the interactions among the members, building the cohesiveness of the group, and making resources available to the group. In principle leadership may be performed by one of the members the group.

From the foregoing, the role of leaders is clearly implied. Leaders simplify or complicate group life. Sometimes, they make groups uncomfortable by their passivity; at other times, they cause irritation by their assertiveness. Nevertheless, regardless of whether of hot members are completely satisfied, the leader has a role which he must maintain.

For leadership in school to have more meaningful implications, the leader should focus on behavior and his style for his deftness in integrating, blending, balancing and adjusting the components of his style in harmony with situations. The group and his personal well-being will determine his impact of leadership.

                                                                                                        ~Aileen E. Jacla~

Sonnet To A Garden

 Cool is the night. There is a tender breeze

Stirring the vine-leaves curtaining my room.

Is it the amorous secrets of the trees?

Is it my name, it murmurs through the gloom?

The altar-fires gleam fitful in the dusk,

But stars allure me with their lustrous glow;

Such wonders cannot last, and I must go.

Yonder, she waits……oh, whisperer of my name,

Princess a little while! I come, my love.

I come, forsaking pray’r and altar-flame

To burn for you my incense in this grove.

Night call me not a soulless infidel-

Only a pagar worshipping Love too well.

    -Jastine A. Nardo-

Biodiversity on Earth Increases with Global Warming

by: Jericho Padillabiodiversity2

It would seem logical that periods of global warming in Earth’s history started the extinction pulses that defined the geological record. However, that’s not the case as a report that was published this week proves. The warming of Earth is accompanied by an increased biodiversity. That doesn’t mean that the mass extinction pulses won’t take place.

The scientists published their findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Evolutionary ecologist and lead author Peter Mayhew and his team discovered the findings by examining the number of known families of marine invertebrates, as well as sea-surface temperatures over the course of 540 million years on Earth.

They found out that when temperatures were high, biodiversity increased. When global temperatures fell, biodiversity declined. This result actually contradicts earlier work, including findings from Mayhew.

Earlier work measured fossil diversity by tallying the first and last appearances of each group of species, which assumed that the creatures existed during the intervening years. Once again, this sounds logical, but overlooks the fact that some geological time periods are better studied than others.

The new study looked only at well-sampled periods and instead of interpolating organisms’ presence from their origin to their extinction, it tallied the species groups present during each period. This comes as somewhat as a surprise that biodiversity increased in periods of global warming. Tropical ecosystems are known to be as the Earth’s most diverse, and this study might explain why.

Warming produces both extinctions and originations. In the past, the originations of new species might have outstripped the loss of old ones, but that doesn’t imply that today’s climate change will be beneficial to all.

The rate of change is what’s paramount, states Mayhew. For diversity to rise, new species need to evolve, a process which can take between thousands and millions of years, much slower than the rate at which extinctions are likely to occur with today’s rapid change.

The study’s results are interesting, but it’s the more recent time periods that are even more important, in the scale of decades and hundreds of years. The details that scientists are interested in aren’t ascertained by looking into the deep past. An examination of the more recent fossil record is warranted.


Tight Jean Syndrome


Although skinny jeans and other tight-fitting pants are considered stylish in today’s fashion-conscious society, these articles of clothing are associated with health risks. The purpose of this article is to discuss the ‘tight jean syndrome.’

Skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, and other tight-fitting denim pants are in style, especially among today’s fashion-conscious females. Combine those skinny jeans with a fashionable top and some cute sandals, and you’ve just pieced together a trendy summer look that will be sure to turn plenty of heads as you stroll across the street.

Even though skinny jeans are definitely stylish in this day and age, the tight-fitting denim might be placing peoples’ health at risk. Repeatedly wearing tight clothing has been known to compress the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which is a sensory nerve that travels from the abdomen through the thigh. According to Weil (2012), the compression can cause numbness, tingling, and a burning pain in the legs above the knees, a condition called “meralgia paresthetica,” also known as “tingling thigh syndrome” and now sometimes termed “tight jean syndrome.”

The cardinal symptoms of meralgia paresthetica include tingling, numbness, pain and hypersensitivity in the upper legs. Moreover, some women describe feeling a floating sensation with associated weakness. Women who continue to wear tight skinny jeans despite experiencing symptoms are at risk for developing permanent damage to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. According to Hsu (2012), wearing high heels with skinny jeans, a combination many women take on to lengthen the appearance of their legs, worsens symptoms because the heel tilts the pelvis in a way that increases the pressure of the skinny jeans.

However, tight jeans are not always the culprit, because conditions such as weight gain, trauma, diabetes mellitus, and pregnancy can all compress this nerve. In addition, females who wear fashionable skinny jeans are not the only members of the population who are at risk for developing the ‘tight jean syndrome.’ Middle-aged males with prominent beer bellies who attempt to squeeze into tight jeans or slacks also risk compressing the nerve.

Skin-tight pants might also result in digestive issues such as heartburn, indigestion, and abdominal distention. Men who are trying to impregnate their wives and/or girlfriends should be cautious because tight jeans can place them at risk. In the past doctors have also warned men trying for a baby to avoid wearing skinny jeans because the tight-fitting denim can cause the testicles to overheat, lowering their sperm count (Weil, 2012).

Tight jean syndrome is a growing problem, but it will usually resolve after six weeks of wearing looser-fitting clothing. Always remember that it is better to be comfortable than to look cute.



Here,show me the scars where the nails

Pierced your hands, show me the stain of steel

Where the soldier bled you on the breast;

And see not-hold my hand that and might feel.

Oh, to feel the wonder and the hope

Of your presence here as dying and lie,

On the spattered grass,hiding my wounds

And memory of wrath acrss the sky

Tell me, as you softly cried in anguish

Oh, my God, why hast thou forsaken me,

You heard an answer, did you not promise

Of life beyond your own divinity.

As and I lay, all voices had been stilled

Within, without, oh, everywhere,

The gaping emptiness deppest in the heart

The only promise,the promise of despair.

           -Jastine A. Nardo-    

        A Treetree21

Viewed from a distant vantage

And appear as a cross with arms outstretched;

As and stayed on my knees long enduring,

It seems that and am kissing God’s feet.

Like an organ in a church,

Praying amid extreme sorrows

As the candle flams of my life

Keeping vigil upon my tomb.

At my feet is a spring

That sobs all day and all night;

Upon my branches lie

The nests of love-birds

By the sparkling of that spring

You’d think of flowing tears bubbling;

And the Moon that seems to be praying

Greets me with a pale smile.

The bells tolling the vespers

Hint to me their wailing;

Birds on my branches are covered with leaves,

The spring at my feet has tears welling.

But look at my fate,

Dried-up, dying alone comforting myself

And become the cross of withered love

And a watcher of tombs in the darkness

All is ended! Night is a mantle of mourning

That I use to cover my face!

A fallen piece of wood am I, and prostrate

Neither bird nor people find any pleasure.

And to think that in the days past

A tree and was of luxuriant and leafy growth;

Now my branches are crosses o’er graves,

My leaves made into wreaths on tombs!

  -Jastine A. Nardo-    

Its Different Towards You

 In this cold world,I will treat you in a warm way

With a special,meaningful value for you.

To wait a day is enough to accept

I can wait a thousand years fo you

I want to tell you something that I don’t do to some

I couldn’t imagine life without you my love

Even a little smile brings happiness to me

Others might stop,but im forever yours

To others there are some hasty feeling I do

But for you its totally much different

I wont desire anyone else but you

Lets remember our thousand memories

Do you remember when im with you?

When were with your friends and my friends

We pretended that we are couples

We laughed together and stayed up all night

To these moments you brought happiness

You are the most precious person to me

The days when I waited on you and nights I missed you

You are my shining and endless moment.

 =Justice Jean B. Toralba=



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